This toolbox is a place where we will store educational videos created to help you strengthen your emotional resilience and psychological flexibility. We hope having access to the toolbox allows you to share this learning with others in your life.

If you want to build something you need the right tool. The same is true if you want to build your emotional resilience and increase your capacity to effectively navigate the challenges of your work and personal lives – you need the right tools.

The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox is a place where we will store short videos that teach skills and present concepts designed to help you increase your resilience, psychological flexibility, and capacity for problem solving. Like any toolbox, we will gather new tools over time with new videos being added on a regular basis.

We are creating these videos so that you can access emotional resilience training on your own time, in your own space. Feel free to share these videos with your partner, kids, and others in your personal and professional circles that might want to learn these skills along with you.

Increasing your psychological flexibility and resilience will allow you to be more creative and effective with less stress and more satisfaction.  It will also allow you to be your best, value-guided self more often.


This video concludes the ACT series with a focus on clarifying your values so you are able to direct your time and energy towards value guided living.

This video offers specific skills and strategies to help you navigate powerful emotions.

This episode illustrates that a life well lived is one that involves the full range of human emotions. Knowing how to experience and navigate big emotions is a key component of emotional resilience and psychological flexibility.

This episode introduces the skill of “Connection” which is an informal mindfulness practice. Shifting our attention to the here and now allows us to release our attachment to our current thought, making space for a brand new ones to come through.

This video offers specific diffusion strategies for you to experiment with. Find the ones that are right for you….

This episode explains how we get “fused” with our thinking and how dangerous it can be to take our thinking seriously. Learning how to “defuse” or unhook from your own thinking is an important part of developing your psychological flexibility.

Episode 2 is focused on "waking up the witness" and increasing your ability to be aware of what you are creating with your psychological gifts and determining if what you are currently creating is lined up with your core values

Episode 1 starts you on the journey of increasing your psychological flexibility.

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