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Michigan State University's health promotion program. . .

Encouraging faculty, staff, graduate student employees, retirees, and the spouses/partners of members of these groups to become engaged in Redefining the way yoU think about health. Read more. . .

Meet the Health4U Program Staff. . .

2015-2016 Health4U Program Schedule

The wait is over! Your 2015-2016 Health4U Program Guide is here. Favorite noontime classes are coming back for another year - along with a few new exciting offerings.

If you have any questions or concerns about our upcoming classes, or if you'd like to register right away, please let us know: health4u@msu.edu or (517) 353-2596.

Recipe for Health

Prepare to Enjoy! August's Recipe for Health is "Patatas Bravas" You can find a copy of the newsletter, along with our complete archive, here: Recipe for Health.

Watch this recipe prepared by Chef Kurt: http://livestream.com/msualumni/R4HPotatoes

Breathe Easy
MSU's Nicotine Cessation Program

Want to quit smoking in 2015-2016?

Register to attend the next pre-enrollment Orientation for the Breathe Easy Nicotine Cessation Program. Do something terrific for yourself, your family, your friends, and MSU – we can help! For more information, or to register, email health4u@msu.edu or call 517-353-2596.

Breathe Easy is being offered through a partnership between Human Resources, Olin Health Center, and the Office of the University Physician-Health4U Program.

Online Health Resources

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Health e-Guide
(formerly Healthwise Knowledgebase)

The basic, and not so basic, foundation of knowledge you need to guide your health decisions. From common to obscure, simple to complex; reliable, evidence based, easy to understand health library for all of your health concerns, including medical problems, medication tests, decision guides, and alternative therapies at your fingertips.

Access to the MSU Health e-Guide is supported by the Health4U Program, Human Resources, and the University Physician’s Office.

My Health Delivered

Evidence based health information designed to improve your health knowledge and enhance your ability to discuss health concerns with your health care provider. Email health4u@msu.edu to be added to the My Health Delivered email messages.

Residential and Hospitality Services and Health4U

The information you need to include seasonal foods in your meals and a tried-and-true recipe developed by Culinary Services executive chef. All this, plus a date to try the recipe in one of the many on-campus dining services.

Thinking About Drinking

Alcohol use is just one of many factors that can affect health status. This website uses evidence-based data and validated tools to help viewers decide if their use of alcohol may be impacting their health. Spend some time really paying attention to your own alcohol use, some time thinking about drinking.

Going Green

University Physician's Office is green certified and actively participates in efforts to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. Information about YOUR unit becoming green certified can be found through Office of Sustainability's website.

Complete List of Classes

Obtain a complete list of Health4U Program's classes offered this year.

See classes, seminars, and groups for. . .

Emotional Wellness

Food and Nutrition

Health Consumerism

Movement and Fitness

Alcohol Awareness and Tobacco Cessation

Alphabetical list of ALL classes, seminars, and groups

Updated: 8/3/16